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Childcare First Aid Requirements for Washington

First Aid Requirements In Child Care Centers

First Aid Requirements for Washington Child Care Centers

So you are a new childcare center or opening an in home daycare? What first aid supplies and training you required to have? Good news is that Washington state is very specific in defining the requirements for first aid kits and first aid/CPR training in child care centers. The rules are defined in WAC170-295-5010 and WAC170-295-1100

Washington WAC170-295-5010

What First Aid supplies are required in my center?

(1) You must maintain on the premises adequate first-aid supplies conforming to the center’s first-aid policies and procedures. The center’s first-aid supplies must include:

(a) A supply for each vehicle used to transport children; and

(b) A portable supply, which can be taken on walks and field trips.

(2) You must store first aid supplies:

(a) Inaccessible to children;

(b) In an area easily accessible to staff;

(c) Separate from food; and

(d) In a clean and safe manner to prevent contamination such as in a tackle box or other container, away from chemicals and moisture.

(3) Your first-aid kit must include at least:

(a) A current first-aid manual;

(b) Sterile gauze pads;

(c) Small scissors;

(d) Band-Aids of various sizes;

(e) Roller bandages;

(f) Large triangular bandage (sling);

(g) Non-sterile protective gloves;

(h) Adhesive tape;

(i) Tweezers;

(j) One-way CPR barrier or mask; and

(k) At least one unexpired bottle of Syrup of Ipecac that must be given only at the direction of a poison control center.

Another question we get frequently is: As a childcare provider am I required to have CPR and First Aid Training?

The short answer is “YES”.

Washington’s rule for CPR and First Aid training for child care workers is defined in WAC170-295-1100 Washington WAC170-295-1100

What are my requirements for CPR and First Aid Training?

(1) You must ensure that at least one person of your staff with a current basic standard first aid and age appropriate CPR certificate is present with each group of children in your center at all times. For example, if you have six different classrooms with different groups of children, you must have a staff person in each room trained in first aid and CPR.

(2) The person providing the first aid and CPR training must be knowledgeable about current national first aid and CPR standards.

The trainer must:

(a) Be in the medical field;

(b) Be in the emergency field such as an emergency medical technician or firefighter;

(c) Complete a “train the trainer” course from a reputable program such as the American Red Cross, American Heart Association, National Safety Council or labor and industries; or

(d) Work for a company that specializes in first aid and CPR training.

(3) First aid and CPR training must be updated as required on the card or certificate received by you or your staff person. The first aid and CPR cards or certificates must have a date of expiration.

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