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About Us


Northwest Health and Safety Inc. was established with a mission to help people in a very broken industry. The mission was and is simple: To be a reliable and compassionate company to assist individuals with little or no medical insurance to acquire medical equipment and supplies they so desperately need at affordable prices.


Northwest Health and Safety Inc. is committed to this promise to the local community and communities throughout the U.S. We are continually expanding our product offerings based on customer request and home health trends. Northwest Health and Safety's Vancouver, Washington retail store features a used area where customers can shop for gently used medical items, as well as new products competitively priced in the main showroom.


Northwest Health and Safety Inc. is owned and operated by a local family who started the company in 1999 and have been closely involved in operations ever since.


Customer service, affordability and quality products have made Northwest Health and Safety Inc. a successful local and online business. We are committed to our promise to the local community. We love to hear from our customers and value your suggestions, feedback (good or bad) and product requests. We look forward to serving you now and in the future.

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