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AED Program Experts
AED programs in Vancouver, WA and Portland OR. AED program consultants

Are you thinking of starting an AED program in your school, church or business? 


 Do you know all the state and local requirements for setting up a successful AED program that complies with all laws, requirements and community standards?

The team at Northwest Health and Safety Inc is well respected in establishing quality AED programs that meet and exceed state and local standards to help ease liability concerns for all parties involved. We have established a large number of successful AED deployments from one AED unit to hundreds. From device selection, training, EMS notification paperwork, monthly maintenance, physician oversight and more. Northwest Health and Safety Inc. can help you every step of the way with all or just the services you need. Since 1999 Northwest Health and Safety has been in the business of assisting companies and individuals to save lives. Want to know more about AEDs? Visit us online at or contact us and we'll be happy to assist you. Need CPR and AED Training? We are the areas most experienced provider of CPR/AED Training programs. Learn more about our CPR Training Programs at

Need replacement pads, batteries or accessories for your AEDs. We stock most major manufacture AED accessories in our Vancouver, Washington store.

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