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Medical Mobility scooters in Vancouver, Washington

Medical Mobility Scooters

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When it comes to medical mobility scooters, Northwest Health and Safety Inc, is the areas most experienced provider of medical mobility scooters and electric power wheelchairs. It is important to educate yourself on all of the options of mobility scooters that are available on the market today. We see more and more people buying scooters online only to find that the scooter they bought is not right for them or it breaks down. We feature quality scooters from leading manufactures Pride Mobility, Golden Technologies and Drive Medical and have factory trained technicians on staff to answer your questions and provide service from your medical mobility scooter. Visit our showroom and try our our selection of scooters. Try a 3-wheel or a 4-wheel scooter. Need a lift for your new scooter? Northwest Health and Safety can install a vehicle lift for your new scooter all at the lowest prices. Northwest Health and Safety Inc offers repair service and parts for most mobility scooters. 

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Scooter Buyers Guide

Determine how you will be using the scooter? 

What is your current height and weight?

How will you transport the scooter?

Preference of a 3 or 4 wheel scooter?

In what environment will your scooter be used?

Determine how you will be using the scooter? 

First determine how you will be using your scooter. Some people just need a little assistance around their home or facility. Some just want a scooter for outdoor activities with the grand kids. It is important for us to know how your scooter will be used by you. Let us know about any obstacles you have in your area, such as steep driveways, speed bumps and the space of the environment which you intend on using your scooter.

Your current height and weight is an important factor when determining an appropriate scooter. Scooters have a maximum weight capacity and exceeding the weight capacity can cause problems with your scooter prematurely. Also making sure that the seat is a comfortable fit and there is plenty of leg room will help assure you make the right purchase decision. Most people find 3 wheel scooters more comfortable in terms of leg room.

How will you transport your new scooter? If you don't intend on traveling with your scooter and primarily want to use your scooter around your home or facility then this may not be an issue. Most people want to have the ability to transport their mobility device and unless you have a wheelchair van this maybe difficult. Pride makes the Go Go Series of mobility scooter that are designed to disassemble for easy transport in the trunk of most vehicles with the heaviest piece weighing around 35 pounds. 

3 or 4 wheel? That is the question. We sell a lot more 3 wheels then 4 wheels by far. The reason most people choose 3 wheelers is increased leg room, better turning radius and a lighter unit over all. Can you tip them over? The answer to that question is yes you can. This usually only occurs if someone is going fast and suddenly turns, is going up a steep incline or hits an obstacle. We have heard reports of it happening at other times but it is not usual. 4 wheelers can tip as well. Some people prefer 4 wheelers when going over uneven terrain and prefer a increased level of stability. Pride just released a scooter that is the best of both worlds. The Pride Jazzy Zero Turn 4-wheel scooter offers the stability of a 4 wheeler but the turning radius of a 3 wheeler.  

We certainly haven't covered all of the questions that you may have about a scooter. We invite you to visit our retail store in Vancouver, Washington to look at out scooter options and see what scooter is right for you. Take a ride in our selection of medical mobility scooters in our Vancouver, Washington showroom just minutes from Portland, Oregon). Directions to our retail store

Why should I purchase a scooter from you when it maybe cheaper online?

When it comes to scooters and things you want to depend on it is wise to buy from a trusted local source. Purchasing a scooter from Northwest Health and Safety is more then just a transaction, it is a relationship.

If you scooter needs to be ordered in, most online companies will only deliver the scooter to your driveway. We will handle ordering your scooter and our technicians will assemble the scooter and test your scooter prior to delivery then work with you to make sure you know how to  proper use it and maintain it. 

We will always work with the manufactures on any parts or repairs needed for the life of your unit. We are also here to help you in your buying decision. We are familiar with the pros and cons of almost all models and manufactures and offer sound advice on the right scooter for you. 

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