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Covid 19 Updates

Northwest Health and Safety Inc is working hard to stay open during these unprecedented times. We are following CDC and Health Department Guidance to keep you and our employees safe. Here is just a few steps we have taken.

  • Decreased our hours of operation to 10 am to 3 pm Monday thru Friday.

  • Installed Plexi-Glass around our counters

  • Cleaning surfaces after each customer 

  • Providing Hand Sanitizer at door entry 

  • Limiting the number of customers in the store at a time

  • Curbside Pick-Up and Phone order availability

  • Opening and closing deep cleaning. Ozone machines overnight

  • Multiple HEPA/UV filters throughout the store

  • Employee temperature checks

  • Employees wearing masks and gloves

  • We will offer remote CPR and First Aid Training Programs - Learn More

  • All sales are final and no returns will be allowed during this time 

Product Pricing

We have been doing our best to provide our customers with the products that we are normally able to provide. As you can imagine we are having difficulty in our PPE (Gloves, Masks, Gowns, Hand Sanitizer, Respirators) supply. We are having to go outside our normal sales channels and vendors to maintain the minimum stock that we do have. Because of the PPE market and increased costs and shipping charges we have increased prices on ALL PPE. While our price has gone up our margins on these items has gone down. We will not be the same price we were pre-pandemic and we are deeply sorry for this. We are working hard with our vendors to bring the cost down. We will have strict daily purchase limits for individuals so that we can provide these important items to our community. 

This is a challenging time for all of us. We as that you be patient with us as we are learning how to adapt to these new times. We are working hard to have the products you need at the best possible prices. We ask that if you don't need to come in, please don't. Send one person, if possible or get your questions answered by phone. Try and maintain social distance in the store and wear a mask if you are able to. We look forward to assisting you anyway we can during these challenging times. 

Stay well,

Jason Royse


Northwest Health and Safety Inc.

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