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AED Rmote Monitoring Serivce in Portland, OR and Spokane Washingon areas


Are you sure yours are ready?

When your AEDs are needed, you need them to be ready. AED owners are responsible for ensuring their life-saving devices are ready to work every time they are needed. Ensuring readiness can be a real challenge for organizations of any size. Regularly checking the status of devices and keeping track of the various expiration dates of each AED’s batteries and pads, are all in human hands. Today’s reliance on human AED inspectors results in a high rate of non-compliance, meaning large numbers of AEDs go uninspected or poorly maintained for long periods of time. This leads to an increased risk of AED failure, avoidable sudden cardiac death and lawsuits.


Remote Monitoring is the Solution

Northwest Health and Safety’s remote monitoring services are a great way to assure inspection, maintenance requirements and legal standards are being met. Utilizing technology developed by the leading authority in AED risk management. Northwest Health and Safety can remotely monitor your AED/s and respond to changes in status, replace expiring consumables (pads & batteries) and complete AED management services, all at a low monthly price.

What is Remote Monitoring?

Remote monitoring utilizes technology to perform daily AED inspections. Monitoring equipment is installed into the AED cabinet. The monitoring equipment checks the AED status daily and using artificial intelligence the information is analyzed and sent to the monitoring software. Changes to the readiness of the AED are sent to Northwest Health and Safety for further analysis and response if needed. Pad and battery dates are monitored by Northwest Health and Safety and replaced as needed. The system is self-contained and requires no external power source and utilizes cellular technology to make the data transmissions.


How is this better?

There are many reasons why this is better.

  1. AED is inspected daily vs monthly

  2. All inspections are digitally documented and retained indefinitely

  3. There are no access issues even when the building is closed or secured

  4. Dashboard allows you to see the status of all AED’s under management in real time with consumables expiration for budgeting

  5. Cost savings vs human inspections

  6. Reduces legal exposure and satisfies state and manufacture requirements

AED Remote Monitoring Services

For more information on Remote AED monitoring services in the Portland/Vancouver Metro Areas and Spokane, Washington call us today at 360-737-8910 or email us at

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